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Welcome to the website of "McFiddles." It's the home of McHugh Violins in Wichita, Kansas. We're a full-service violin shop specializing in step-up and professional quality instruments and bows. With over 200 instruments in stock, we're sure to be able to find that special instrument for you. We're particularly fortunate to have sources in Europe that can provide lovely German, French and British instruments - all at competitive prices. Along with the best of the Chinese instruments, our range covers delightful small violins for around $300 to full size models in excess of $10,000. A few new makers are represented, as well, for a good comparison of new and old. Renowned names from the old French Thibouville-Lamy workshops include "Medio-Fino," "Sarasate," "Breton Brevete" and "Dulcis et Forte." Other workshop violins such as Caussin school and several unlabeled violins round out the French offerings. English and Scottish makers can be found in our collection, so you can be assured of a variety of sounds and styles. Broadly, these fine violins range from the period 1850 to 1930. This Fall, we'll be expanding our website as time allows, with pictures and descriptions of many of the instruments available.

What we can offer

  • A comprehensive selection of old and new violins, violas and cellos for sale. All sizes of instruments from 1/16 to full size violins; 14" to 17" violas, and 1/10 size to 4/4 size cellos. The range extends from correctly set up student violins, all the way to professional quality instruments and bows.
  • Full service repairs and restorations. Everyday work comprises bridges, peg and string fitting, crack work, seam gluings and varnish touch in. Long term restorations of fine instruments are always carried out carefully and correctly. Serious repairs including soundpost cracks, broken necks and extensive edge rebuilding.
  • A full line of accessories, strings, cases and fittings - all competitively priced.
  • Advice on old and new instrument assessment. We are happy to spend a few minutes giving free verbal evaluations. If it is deemed necessary, we may spend a little more time on a written evaluation, for a reasonable charge.
  • Bow work, just about everything -from everyday rehairs, tip plates, grips and windings to involved restorations. A fine bow may need a choice abalone shell eye or slide to replace a missing piece; we keep multiple shells from which to cut, shape and polish color-appropriate pieces. Tip plates these days are cut from mastodon tusk or our favorite, TipArmor synthetic.

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